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ICI was founded in 1989 as Tennis Consulting International, with the aim of offering a wide range of consulting services in the analysis, design, construction, maintenance and management of sporting facilities, as well as in the integrated management of sporting events. Faced with the growth and extension of what had started with tennis moving to other sports, Luis Mediero converted this company into the International Coaches Institute.From 2002 onwards, the International Coaches Institute started to function as an umbrella organisation for the different Professional Registries in order to help them develop and expand internationally.

As of today, the International Coaches Institute (ICI) has become the main worldwide organisation dedicated to offering education programmes, international certification and integrated professional services to professionals, instructors and coaches in the teaching of tennis, golf, padel, fitness and pickleball. This is done through their various Professional RegistriesTennis (RPT), Golf (RPG), Padel (RPP), Fitness (RPF) and Pickleball (RPPk).There is one clear objective: to offer all the tools necessary to train people through sport. The ICI can count on over 50,000 certified coaches, trainers and instructors in 130 countries and since its foundation has trained over 100,000 sporting coaches.

The ICI also operates in the corporate world with Corporate Training and Corporate Athlete.  These programmes apply the secrets of high level sporting success to the business world, offering different theoretical/practical advice so that professionals can reach an Ideal Competitive State. The Corporate Athlete program has trained more than 15.000 senior executives throughout the world to reach a higher level of performance.

SportsMarketing is the sports marketing division of the Company, dealing with sportingpromotion via event organisation, competitions, tournaments, clinics and educational activities. More than 750,000 players have taken part in these events. It also develops promotional and sponsorship marketing plans related to the sporting industry, as well as providing consulting services.

The Registry of Multimedia Professionals: RPMutimedia’s mission is to share the company’s interactive and communication devices with their clients. The Registry of Racket Stringers Professionals (RRS) was created to offer training programmes, international certification and integrated services to professionals working in racket stringing and preparation. In 2013 the Sports Marketing Institute was set up to train and develop courses for sporting representation, the organisation and commercialisation of sporting events and consulting in the world of entertainment.

The International Coaches Institute has 20 patents registered in the area of personal development and training using sport as the vehicle for maximum performance. This formula helps sporting coaches and corporate professionals to reach a higher level of performance, maximising their energy and developing a superior psychophysical state, without sacrificing their health or personal life.

For a few years now we have been involved in one of the fastest growing sports in the United States, Pickleball. Currently more than 10 million players practice it regularly, and with a growth forecast never seen in the racquet sports industry.

The Registry of Pickleball Professionals – RPPk was launched in the United States during 2021 to providing educational programmes, international certification and comprehensive services to professional pickleball coaches, academies and clubs, with the aim of training and developing better people for a better world through pickleball. During 2023 it arrives in Europe through the European Registry of Pickleball Professionals – RPPk Europe based in the UK, and in Spain through the Registro Profesional de Pickleball – RPPk, with the same purpose.

On the basis of its 35 years of experience, the International Coaches Institute opens its doors to new ideas for sports and business…

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