Spain Certification

The Spanish Pickleball Association – Pickleball Spain is a non-profit association, founded in 2012, that acts as the governing body of this sport in Spain. The Association is officially registered with the Ministry of the Interior, with the main objective is to introduce, promote and support the growth of the sport of Pickleball in Spain and the rest of Europe, targeting people of all ages and conditions, as well as the promotion of the Pickleball as an inclusive sport, with the help of the Alas Madrid Foundation and A la Par. The Spanish Pickleball Association – Pickleball Spain contributes to the internationalization of the sport throughout Europe, collaborating with international organizations and institutions, among which are the European Pickleball Federation – EPF, the International Pickleball Federation – IPF and the World Pickleball Federation – WPF .

The Royal Spanish Tennis Federation – RFET approved in its General Assembly during the year 2023 the incorporation of the PICKLEBALL racket modality in its social statutes, subsequently endorsed by the Sports Council, creating in this regard a National Pickleball Committee within the organizational chart of the RFET, hereinafter RFET / PICKLEBALL.This new Committee has incorporated several people from the Board of Directors of the Spanish Pickleball Association – Pickleball Spain and its objective is the development of PICKLEBALL in Spain starting in October 2023.

All training programs, certification and qualifications and professional services of the Registry of Pickleball Professionals – RPPk are endorsed and recognized by the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation – RFET / PICKLEBALL and by the Spanish Pickleball Association – Pickleball Spain.


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