The RPPk Club is an exclusive place for all those professionals, trainers and coaches who have been trained and certified through the Registry of Pickleball Professionals. RPPk Club offers all those tools to be able to carry out your work with total safety and guarantee.

You will receive a new professional license to practice pickleball teaching and coaching granted by the International Pickleball Professional Coaches Association, implemented by the International Registry of Pickleball Professionals (RPPk International), the United States Registry of Pickleball Professionals (RPPk USA), the European Registry of Pickleball Professionals (RPPk Europe) and the Registro Profesional de Pickleball (RPPk).

The contribution of the RPPk to the development and success of pickleball has been decisive, accompanying the RPPk in its international leadership in professional training programs and in the certification of  pickleball coaches, with the SAFETY & GUARANTEE of its PROFESSIONAL LICENSE for teaching the sport of PICKLEBALL WORLDWIDE.

All training programs, certifications, qualifications and professional services of the Registry of Pickleball Professionals – RPPk are endorsed and recognized by the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation – RFET / PICKLEBALL and by the Spanish Pickleball Association – Pickleball Spain.

You will receive a new professional accreditation from the International Coaches Institute, and another from the Registry of Pickleball Professionals, where the hours completed and distributed according to the levels finished and the qualifications obtained will be certified, through the following areas: OnSITE Training, Study & Preparation, OnLINE Training, Personal Development and Professional Experience, with the aim of tackling with guarantees the future new framework for the regulation of the profession and sports qualifications.


The RPPk has become part of a National Commission to work on the approval of qualifications through certificates of professionalism, which are the official accreditation instrument for professional qualifications in the field of work and administration. This certificate will accredit the set of professional competences that enable the development of work activity.

Once you have completed the RPPk training programs, and once you have passed the corresponding exams/tests, you will receive the qualifications from the United States Registry of Pickleball Professionals – RPPk USA and the International Registry of Pickleball Professionals – RPPk International.

In addition, you will also receive certification from the European Registry of Pickleball Professionals – RPPk Europe and the Registro Profesional de Pickleball.

All of them endorsed and recognized by the International Coaches Institute, which since 1989 has a presence in 130 countries with more than 50,000 certified coaches.

The Registry of Pickleball Professionals – RPPk Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating- DUPR launch the new certification and degree approval program. The existing RPPk qualifications will have the following approval with DUPR:

  • Level 1: RPPk National Professional (at this level there will be no validation as it is the basic level)
  • Level 2: RPPk International Professional = DUPR Team Coach
  • Accelerated (L1+L2): RPPk International Professional DUPR Team Coach
  • Level 3: RPPk Director of Pickleball = DUPR Team Coach
  • World Tour Integral: RPPk Director of Pickleball = DUPR Team Coach

The RPPk will provide a DUPR Team Coach qualification to all coaches who pass the corresponding exams and tests in the corresponding training courses.

The RPPk will provide the DUPR qualification to all coaches who pass the corresponding exams and tests in the corresponding training courses.

  • RCC: RPPk International Referee = DUPR International Referee
  • TDC: RPPk Tournament Director = DUPR Tournament Director
  • TMC: RPPk Team Manager = DUPR Team Manager

Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating – DUPR is the premier global pickleball rating system and technology platform, trusted by the world’s leading clubs, tournaments, leagues and playersDUPR’s dynamic rating system unifies pickleball across age, gender and location by analyzing match results to accurately evaluate all players across a 2.000 – 8.000 scale.

The Registry of Pickleball Professionals – RPPk & Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating- DUPR launch the new leveling or rating program for players.

RPPk will establish a new global player leveling program with DUPR around the world. This program will be based on offering a level or rating certification for players, which will have to be carried out by coaches with the minimum RPPk International Professional qualification, and they must have their corresponding Professional License updated. The leveling scale will operate with a rating ranging from 2.0 to 8.0 following the DUPR classification scale.

The RPPk has developed together with DUPR the Leveling or Rating program, and will incorporate it in its Level 2 or Accelerated courses (Level 1+Level2) under the heading of“Players Rating Program”.

If you are interested in this program, please contact us at

The International Coaches Institute launches an International Job List service for Coaches certified by the Registry of Pickleball Professionals – RPPk, Registry of Tennis Professionals – RPT, Registry of Padel Professionals – RPP, Registry of Golf Professionals – RPG, Registry of Fitness Professionals – RPF. All interested members must have updated their Professional License for Teaching & Coaching granted by the respective Professional Registries.

If you are interested in any of the following offers, send us an email with your updated CV in Spanish and English to the following address:

The members of the RPPk Club will be able to participate again for free in the courses corresponding to their degree and previous degrees in order to be up-date with the new systems and / or teaching methods. They can also be retested for free in case they need to overcome some level.

In the case of participating in the professional training courses of the International Coaches Institute – ICI, both in OnSITE or ONLINE mode, all members will have a 50€ discount. In case of wanting to train in the teachings of other sports / sectors, the members will have a direct discount of 50€ in the training courses of the Registry of Tennis Professionals / Registro Profesional de Tenis , Registry of Padel Professionals / Registro Profesional de Padel, Registry of Golf Professionals / Registro Profesional de Golf,  Registry of Fitness Professionals / Registry of Fitness Professionals,

We will send you your access code to enter WES (Web Education System), the online educational platform of our website with training content: manuals, videos, presentations …

For almost three decades the RPPk has awarded each year the work of professionals in the different fields of the racket sports industry. These awards are given together with the nominees as «International Master Professional«, the highest professional category in the RPPk. All members of the RPPk Club will be able to opt for these dominations.

We will keep you informed permanently through a monthly newsletter and our social networks Twitter @rppickleball and icisports instagram

The International Coaches Institute has offices in the United States and Europe where those of the Registry of Pickleball Professionals are located, to offer all certified and active coaches in the RPPk Club all the services and aid so that they can carry out their work with total security and guarantee.

RPPk we will be present at the main events of the pickleball industry at an international level, trying to create new opportunities for all our members of the RPPk Club.

We will provide you with additional Civil Liability Insurance. With a Civil Liability Insurance that covers all damages that you may cause to third parties while you exercise activities related to teaching pickleball in United States (please consult for other countries).

Thanks to the RPPk agreement with WILSON, you will receive a personal code with which you can make purchases on the web with a discount of 30% on Wilson products.


$ 150 One Payment
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